Affiliated Companies

MSG Rotterdam B.V., Zwijndrecht b. Rotterdam:
MSG Rotterdam was founded at the End of the eighties. The daughter company represents the interests of MSG and their shareholders within the Benelux. It functions as link between local customers and the motherhood company and is responsible for the management of the fleet in the ZARA-port range. Thus, MSG Rotterdam is the face of the MSG Group in the Western port range.

BASPEG, Bamberger Speditions- und Getreidelager GmbH & Co. KG, Bamberg:
MSG and Bavaria founded the mutual company Baspeg at the end of the 1960s. Baspeg is operating a number of warehouses, grain silos and is one of the bigger settlers in the port of Bamberg. Baspeg and its premises are specialised and dedicated to agricultural business. Continuous investments and improvements ensure and guarantee an excellent service level for our customers.

NÜRLAG Nürnberger Umschlags- und Lagerhaus-GmbH & Co. KG, Nürnberg:
Nürlag was set up at the beginning of the 1970s when the Main-Danube-Chanel was not fully in service. The region represents one of the strongest economical growing areas in Bavaria. Nürlag operates a number of warehouses, port handling sites and storage spaces for bulk cargo and dedicated services. With its different and various premises, the company offers any kind of logistic service for different needs.

DTU Donau-Transport- und Umschlagsgesellschaft mbH, Regensburg:
DTU has been operating in the Western Port of the town of Regensburg since 1998. The company is an important interface to the Danube and enables her shareholders MSG and K&N to operate and offer inland vessel services to their customers on a high level. Water levels remain tricky and unpredictable on the Bavarian Danube due to the fact that the bottleneck between Straubing and Visholfen has not been fully developed and expanded yet. DTU is the right answer. Furthermore, the company invested in a state of the art warehouse.

Panta Rhei Befrachtungs- und Speditions GmbH und PR Shipping Speditions GmbH,Brunn am Gebirge
At the end of the 1990s Dieter Illmayer set up the company and according to the old Greek slogan “Panta Rhei” the company disposes over a wide network on the Lower Danube and has got an enormous reputation in the industry. Shareholders are K+N, MSG and Dieter Illmayer. Customers derive from the agricultural business, industry, fertilizers and forwarders. With the PR Shipping Panta Rhei disposes over a daughter company which is specialises on Danube-see-traffic. For MSG this represents our strategical link towards the lower Danube and the Black Sea.