The MSG was founded as the Main Shipping Corporation Ltd. in November 1916. At that time several independent ship owners joined forces to form a jointly run corporation in order to be able to participate in larger transport contracts. During the first decades of their existence, the ups and downs of German history were also reflected in the development of the MSG. A steady upward trend arose in the early 1950s. Along with the economic miracle, inland waterway transport also boomed, and the MSG began early on to diversify its range of products. In addition to their own ships and the ships of their members, the corporation participated in haulage and port cargo handling companies from the sixties onwards. The transport volumes increased steadily and the areas of traffic expanded. Another important milestone in the history of the corporation came with the opening of the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal in 1992. Thus it was made possible to extend the traffic to the Danube, and with that the realized bridge building, which had been desired for centuries and planned over decades also opened up new opportunities and perspectives for the MSG.

Today, with a large fleet of 60 own ships, MSG is one of the major players in Europe’s inland waterway transport.

The MSG fleet is comprised of 60 modern motor vessels and lighters for transporting dry goods, with a total capacity of 130,000 tons. The good mix of the ship’s fleet underscores our performance, so we always have the right ship available for all your goods and transport tasks. You always have the choice for your logistics needs, whether they are small and canal-wide, ranging from a 1,000 tonne load-bearing capacity to larger individual vessels or the modern Main accessible coupling network (up to 5,000 tonnes). Naturally, the fleet is certified according to the latest GMP hygiene standards. It is also possible to transport ADN goods and participate in modern hinterland container traffic. The appearance of MSG on the European waterways is rounded off by a unified optical MSG appearance, which highlights our corporate identity.