Even in the coming days, when DB Cargo is on strike and deliveries are at a standstill, we will be on duty for our customers.

ūüí™ Europe-wide, cross-border, CO2-saving compared to 150 lorries on the roads, which an inland waterway vessel can replace in one journey. We are quiet, but we are there. As a logistics provider, we are an indispensable part of Germany as a business location for important parts of the industry.

We are on the move for you, strike-free. Every day. Remember that the next time you see a cargo ship on German rivers.

ūüĎČ Did you already know? A modern and sustainable transport transition will not work without utilising the capacities on the water. While rail and road are groaning under full load and you are stuck in traffic jams on roads in your car, there is free capacity on the water. Hardly anyone realises this. Shall we tackle this together? We look forward to hearing from you.