Vessel’s Repair Shop


The MSG has been running a ship motor operation in the village of Dorfprozelten at the Main kilometre 140.6 since the 1980s. Since then it has developed an excellent reputation and is recognized industry-wide for its expertise. In recent years, the MSG has made substantial investments in new buildings supporting the expansion of the business. All over-water activities concerning the inland waterways are carried out here at the site. Nearly 40 employees from the fields of marine electronics, blacksmithing and motor services attend to the requirements of our customers in a customer-oriented and efficient manner. We also have a reliable partner network and can thus fulfil all relevant tasks on your ship to your fullest satisfaction.
In the motor segment, we are also a qualified trading and service partner of well-known manufacturers of marine motors. Inland waterway transport is the most efficient mode of transportation in terms of primary energy consumption. Nevertheless, we are not relying on that fact, but have been concerned for a number of years with appropriate measures to make inland waterway transport even more “green”.

Our company managers, Mr. Christopher Störmer and Mr. Dominik Weber, and our head of department will be happy to answer any questions you may have:

Christopher Störmer

Head of Shipyard

Fon: +49 9392 9341-10
mobile: +49 171 556 10 96

Michael Bohlig


Fon: +49 9392 9341-11
mobile: +49 170 554 07 22

Matthias Hock


fon: +49 9392 9341-20
mobil: +49 171 755 29 27

Dominik Weber

Head of Shipyard

Fon: +49 9392 9341-12
mobile: +49 151 163 082 94

Achim Bott


Fon: +49 9392 9341-17
mobile: +49 170 553 30 28

Herbert Cavallo


Fon: +49 9392 9341-18
mobile: +49 175 222 69 95